Weigang Campus Library Opening Hours in Summer Vacation 2018


During summer vacation from July 16th to August 31th, 2018, the library’s opening hours are as follows:

  1. The readers’ study room on the northern first floor and all public areas are open from 7:00 to 22:00, Monday to Saturday.

  2. The newsroom on the northern fourth floor, the first reading room on the northern third floor, the second reading room on the northern second floor, the third reading room on the southern third floor and the general information desk on the second floor are open as usual, and the opening hours are 9:00-17:00 from Monday to Friday.

  3. The general stack room will be closed because of comprehensive adjustment, and please contact the counselor on the second floor if you need book loans.

  4. The 1902 Information Sharing Space on the northern fifth floor will be closed from August 1st, and resume to open from September 3rd.

  5. Novelty search and reference search: for reference consultation department, contact at telephone number 84396016; network consultation and maintenance: please to to Room F106, Science Building, or contact at 84396018.

  6. If the book loans expire during July 1st and September 9th, and returned by July 10th, they won’t be processed as overdue. The online appointment and off-site entrusted loan service will be suspended during summer vacation.

For more information, please contact at 84395301 or 18951087779.