Academician Prof. Gai Junyi Gives Lesson for New Students


On September 12, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Prof. Gai Junyi gave the first lesson to new students of the College of Agriculture, titled “The Way of Teaching, Learning and Growing.”

Prof. Gai opened his class by citing the question asked by President Xi Jinping at the National Education Conference—“What kinds of talent should we develop?” He encouraged students to set lofty goals and aim high; to foster perseverance and be determined to become a person of value; and to become an all-round, innovative versatilist with practical skills.  

He further elaborated on his topic from four perspectives—the roles of teachers; graduate development mechanism; technology innovation; and the creation of a pro-technology innovation environment and culture.

 “What holds the key to learning is being committed; what contributes to good interpersonal relationship is being friendly.” He also encouraged students to constantly accumulate knowledge, take on challenges, be innovative and pursue excellence. To become a world-class university, he said that NAU must produce graduates with a sense of mission and excellence. All NAU graduates are expected to live a fulfilled life and become the best of themselves with an accomplished career life.