Wu Jun and Ping Jihui Honored as Provincial Distinguished Professors


Recently, the Department of Education of Jiangsu Province released the 2018 list of distinguished professors, which has selected 75 professors from universities across the province, including 15 Distinguished Professors with Special Support (10 from provincial universities and 5 from MOE-affiliated universities). Prof. Wu Jun of the College of Horticulture and Prof. Ping Jihui of the College of Animal Science & Technology were both selected. Prof. Wu Jun is honored as a “Distinguished Professors with Special Support”. To date, NAU has a total of 14 provincially recognized Distinguished Professors.  


The program, which started in 2010, is designed to attract prominent experts from home and abroad to develop a number of disciplines on par with international standards and strengthen local universities’ capabilities in talent development and technology innovation. The program is also intended to expand the provincial pool of leading experts in the service of local education and modernization.