Creation of a New Cholera Vaccine


ReporterMatthew K.  Waldor Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School 

Topic:Creation of a  New Cholera Vaccine

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I will  discuss our studies on Vibrio cholerae, the  cholera pathogen, and how knowledge  gained from investigation of the evolution of virulent V. cholerae led to our  engineering 

a new live-attenuated cholera vaccine. Testing of the vaccine in  an animal model revealed that it can provide protection from cholera even before  it elicits an immune response.
Rapid protection required viable vaccine and  suggesting a probiotic-like mechanism. The vaccine also stimulates adaptive  immunity eliciting protective antibodies. Collectively, our 
studies suggest  that it may be possible to create a new generation of vaccines that work both in  a probiotic-like fashion, providing extremely rapid protection from disease, as  well as 
In traditional manner triggering long-lived protective immune  responses.

Dr. Waldor is Edward H.  Kass Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and a physician in the  Division of Infectious Diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston. He  isprincipal investigator of HHMI, fellow of AMS and AAAS. He is awarded as  Thousand Talents by China government. Dr. Waldor is reviewer of PNAS, Science,  Cell, Nature and many top journals in microbiological field. He also words as  editorial board of PLoS Biology, PloS Genetics and Current Opinion in  Microbiology. Waldor’s lab investigates fundamental and translational questions  related to human enteric pathogensincluding Vibrio cholerae, Vibrio  parahaemolyticus, Shiga toxin producing E. coli (EHEC), Listeria  monocytogenes and Shigella. The overarching goal of the laboratory  is to enhance understanding of pathogen-host interactions, particularly in the  context of animal models relevant to human infection. He has published more than  200 papers in enteropahtogenic microganism field, including 20 CNS papers. The  H-index is 54.

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