NAU Holds Meeting on First-rate Undergraduate Education


On December 29, NAU held a meeting at the sports center around the theme of improving undergraduate education. It was attended by more than 1,300 participants, including university leaders such as Chancellor Prof. Chen Ligen, President Prof. Zhou Guanghong, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Prof. Sheng Bangyue, Vice Presidents Prof. Dong Weichun and Chen Fadi, and Assistant President Feng Jiaxun. Participants also include student representatives, all faculty members, advisors, counselors, undergraduate education supervisors, retiree representatives, all middle managers, as well as all the staff of the Office of Teaching Affairs, the Office of Student Affairs, the Youth League Committee and the College of International Education. The meeting was divided into two modules, respectively moderated by Dong Weichun and Liu Yingjun.

 Chen Ligen delivered a keynote speech, in which he discussed undergraduate education from three perspectives—the fundamental principles of undergraduate education; NAU’s glorious track record in providing a first-rate undergraduate education; and the development of students who are accomplished, loving and uphold high moral standards. He unfolded a blueprint of tertiary education that pursues excellence and leadership at the cutting edge and that is rooted in commissions and focused on commitments. He also answered the questions of “What kinds of talent should NAU develop?” and “How and for whom should NAU develop these talents?”—as a guiding beacon for furthering educational and teaching reforms.

  Chen Ligen pointed out that the meeting is the largest of its kind since China instituted the reform and opening-up policy, and that the purpose of the meeting is to implement the new requirements of the state for modern higher education, as well as the guidelines of the National Education Conference and the National Working Conference on Undergraduate Education. The meeting also served to analyze and identify new changes in higher education and issues in undergraduate education, so as to speed up NAU’s pace to find a roadmap for reforming and providing a first-rate undergraduate education.

  Zhou Guanghong also delivered a speech, in which he raised specific requirements for undergraduate education from the perspectives of the university and the faculty.

  At the university level, Zhou Guanghong highlighted the centrality of undergraduate education and the necessity of top-down designs. At the faculty level, he emphasized the need for a high-caliber faculty. He added that all faculty members and students should follow the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era in implementing the guidelines of the National Education Conference and the National Working Conference on Undergraduate Education, while fostering virtue through education, refreshing educational concepts and deepening educational reforms to push undergraduate education to new heights.

The meeting also honored Prof. Hong Delin and Prof. Lu Zhixiong as “Zhongshan Outstanding Teachers”. Both professors shared insights from their educational career.

Chen Ligen and Zhou Guanghong also unveiled two new organizations—the Faculty Development and Teaching Evaluation Center and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Zhang Wei, Director of the Office of Teaching Affairs, introduced the general plan and guiding opinions for the amendment of NAU’s 2019 talent development program. Prof. Zhu Jing, Prof. Wang Tian and Prof. Dong Weichun respectively shared their teaching plans that were acknowledged by the “National Teaching Award”.