Two Speeches by the editor in Chief of Applied Environmental Microbiology


Title 1. The Art of Scientific Publishing (9:00-10:00)


The hardest work in scientific publishing is often thought to be the effort needed to collect the data.  Once the hard-to-get data are in hand, it seems safe to assume that publishing them is the easy part.  However, many journals have very high rejection rates of 75% or greater, so the transformation of a manuscript into a published paper can be challenging.  Scientific publishing is a learned art, and the talk will examine (a) logistics of learning this art and (b) approaches for minimizing perils.  Audience participation will be encouraged.


Title 2. Darwin’s Invertebrates:  A Transient Anoxic Microbial Oasis (10:30-11:30)


Although their subsurface lifestyle makes earthworms an unseen feature of the terrestrial biosphere, Charles Darwin was fascinated by the capacity of these invertebrates to alter terrestrial habitats and documented their unique bioengineering skills in his final publication.  However, Darwin was not aware that the impact of the earthworm is due in part to interactions that occur between the earthworm and the ingested soil microbiome in the anoxic gut. The talk will examine earthworm-microbe interactions that augment the production of greenhouse gases, the cycling of elements in the terrestrial biosphere, and diverse gut fermentations that facilitate the heterotrophic lifestyle and environmental impact of the earthworm.

Invited speaker: Prof. Harold L. Drake,

Work: University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany


Time2019.3.8 (900-1130)

Place: College of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, B103


Introduction of Prof. Harold L. Drake

H. L. Drake is Chair of the Department of Ecological Microbiology at the University of Bayreuth in Germany and is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.  His work is focused on (a) the physiology and ecology of anaerobes, (b) invertebrate microbiology, and (c) the intermediary ecosystem metabolism of environments that emit the greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide.


Contact: Jian Zhang(, 15150627705)