Invitation to“The Second Zhongshan International Forum for Young Talents”


Invitation to

“The Second Zhongshan International Forum for Young Talents”

sponsored by Nanjing Agricultural University

With common inspiration in the new times,

We welcome international young talents

On the continued journey of science

Driven by our original aspirations.


Dear Dr.

The Second Zhongshan International Forum for Young Talents sponsored by Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) is to be held in Nanjing, China from May 24 to 26, 2019. The forum will deal with the construction of“Double World-Class” disciplines, focusing on the subjects of international academic frontiers, by gathering outstanding young talents with advanced academic achievements and great potential for academic innovation and development. At the First Forum in 2018, 16 young scholars (nearly 30% of all the young attendants) successfully signed agreements on joining NAU; and with greater sincerity, we are expecting your coming to join us this year!

Nanjing Agricultural University is a university under the administration of the Ministry of Education and has been selected and included in the National “Double World-Class” University Construction Initiative. In the fourth-round national first-level discipline evaluation in 2017, it had four disciplines listed in Class A+, ranking itself the 11th of the top universities in China. In the ESI rankings, it had seven disciplines ranked among the top 1% worldwide, and two of the disciplines, Agricultural Science and Plant & Animal Science, among the top 1‰.

In 2018, NAU was honored with three National Science and Technology Achievement Awards and three State-Level Teaching Awards, and was listed the top 9 among the Best Global Universities of Agricultural Sciences by The US News.

▲ The second forum concerns the disciplines:

 in the fields of agricultural sciences, including Crop Science, Horticulture, Agricultural Resources & Environment, Plant Protection, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Science, Fisheries Science, and Grass Science; science and technology, including Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science & Engineering, Food Science & Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Engineering, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Computer Science & Technology, and Chemistry; humanities and social sciences, including Management, Economics, Finance, Sociology, Legal Science, History, and Linguistics.

and in the interdisciplinary subjects of Genomics & Phenomics, Microorganism-Botany-Pest Interactions, Agricultural Informatics, Food Nutrition and Human Health, Regional and Global Ecological and Environmental Effect Evaluation, Ecology in Remediation of Pollution and Contamination, and so on.

▲ We sincerely invite the following talents to the 2019 forum:

  •Ph. D graduates, aged 35 or younger, from the famous universities that are listed among the top 200 in The Times Ranking;

  •Postdoctoralresearchers, aged 40 or younger, from famous overseas scientific research institutes; and

  •Outstanding young talents recommended for the State “Four Young Talents” Meeting-based Evaluation.

▲ If you feel interested in joining us, you may sign an intention agreement with us during the forum with specific treatments and conditions to be discussed personally.

▲ You may fill in an application form for The Second Zhongshan International Forum for Young Talents, email it, supported with information of your academic achievements, to , with the subject of “your name + related to college to contact + forum for young talents”.

   Please apply by or before April 30, 2019, and if you meet the related requirements presented above, we will send you an invitation before May 5, 2019.

▲ The schedule for the forum is as follows:

May 24: registration;

May 25: opening ceremony with the president’s welcoming speech, and parallel sessionswith invited speeches by famous scholars and young scholars in respective fields of research;

May 26: free talks held by related colleges, visits to laboratories, and signing intention agreement between NAU and young scholars.

▲ In terms of travel and accommodation,

   NAU will provide you with accommodation for May 24 to May 26, and expense for air tickets (economy class).

   Contact: Ms. Liu Hongmei

   Cell phone: +86-25-84399039; 18652999049

   WeChat Official Account: NJAU-RCB (Talents Office of Nanjing Agricultural University)