First round notice of the 6th Organic Farming Training Seminar


Based on several years of advocating on organic, green, ecological and environment-friendly lifestyle, the No. 1 Document of the Central Committee in 2019, further emphasized the importance of developing the production of shortages and high-quality green agricultural products, as well as switching the goal from increasing productivity to improving quality. In the spirit of the document, Nanjing Agricultural University will host the 6th Organic Farming Training and Conference on April 18-21-2019. This conference will invite well-known professors, researchers and practitioners in this area from the University of Waterloo (Canada);  the University of Alaska (USA) the National Administration of Markets; the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Center; the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Zhejiang University; Yunnan Agricultural University Nanjing Agricultural University; whom are going to introduce domestic and international organic farm planning, pest control, water and fertilizer management agricultural machinery and other technologies, sales of quality agricultural products Strategy, etc.. This conference will provide you with comprehensive information of high quality agricultural products, and help to understand the entry path, development status, latest achievements and related policies of organic farming in domestic and foreign markets.

The specific matters of the meeting are notified as follows.

1. Organizer

Nanjing Agricultural University

2. Co-organizers

Huaiyin Normal University

Nanjing Agricultural University Biological Source Pesticide Creation Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Benyuan Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd

Nanjing Agricultural University Certification Service Co., Ltd.

3. Official language

Chinese. English speaker will have a Chinese translator.

4. Invited professors and topics

National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center

Professor Yang Puyun: Integration and Promotion of Green Control Technology for Crop Pests and Diseases

National Market Regulatory Authority Certification and Accreditation Technology Research Center

Dr. Wang Maohua: Establishment and Application of Evaluation Mechanism for Organic Production Inputs

Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Professor Zhang Lisheng: Innovation and Application Practice of Natural Enemy Insect Products

Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Professor Xi Yunguan: Organic Agriculture Ecosystem Construction and Key Technologies

University of Alaska, USA

Professor Jenifer Huang Mcbeath: Production and testing of zero-pesticide disease-free seed potatoes in Alaska

University of Waterloo, Canada

Professor Steffanie Scott: Chinese Organic Food and Organic Agriculture: Top-down and bottom-up ecological innovation

College of Agronomy and Biotechnology, Yunnan Agricultural University

Professor He Yueqiu: Research Progress in Biological Control of Pests

Institute of Pesticide and Environmental Toxicology, Zhejiang University

Professor Du Yongjun: Insect sex pheromone technology and its application

College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University

Professor Pan Genxing: Carbon-based Ecology and Healthy Agricultural Products

College of Life Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University

Professor Sheng Sheng: Rice field organic grass control technology

Department of Agricultural Mechanization, College of Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University

Professor Ji Changying: Principles and Applications of Variable Working Machines

College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University

Professor Wen Long: Opinions on Organic Agriculture Planning

College of Plant Protection, Nanjing Agricultural University

Professor Guo Jianhua: The core driving role of microbes on organic farming farms

Jiangsu Shangjiyuan Ecological AgricultureDevelopment Co., Ltd.

President Li Xiangjun: Organic Farm Positioning and Marketing Strategy

Nanjing Benyuan Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.

General Manager Chen Liujun: Whole-process organic planting systemdriven by beneficial microorganisms

5. Participants

Field crops, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, fruit trees, gardens, flowers, turfgrasses, pastures and other plant organic and ecological planting experts, scholars, managers; green planting related technology extension personnel; breeding and ecological cycle enthusiasts; farmers, farm technicians, marketers; heads and technicians of organic certification bodies; heads or technicians of organic production materials; media workers interested in organic agriculture; and new farmers who are determined to work in organic or ecological agriculture.

6. Meeting time and place

Meeting time: April 18-21, 2019.

Venue: Hanyuan Building, Nanjing Agricultural University (Hanyuan Hotel, No. 20, Tongwei Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing).

Main venue schedule:

Please register on April 18, join our WeChat group when you register.

April 19th all day, 20th all day, 21st morning for experts to teach. (8:00~11:30 am; 2:30~6:00 pm).

On the afternoon of April 21st, the organizer will arrange organic farm visits. Participants can choose whether to go or not.

7. Parallel sessions

At the request of the representatives of the first five conferences, theorganizer will add parallel sessions during the interval of the main meeting and invite delegates to participate freely.

(1) Participants sharing: The organizer encourages delegates to use PPT for sharing. The number of people determines the time each person can share. This sharing is free. Participants who need to participate in the sharing should inform and submit the authentic and reliable sharing materials in advance in the meeting receipt, which will be arranged by the conference group. Sharing time is the intermission time of the main meeting (20 minutes in 30 minutes for sharing).

(2) The face-to-face communication between the farmer and the lecture teacher: During the middle of the 18th, 19th, and 20th, during the dinner, some teachers will be invited to participate. At that time, the table number and the teacher's card will be placed on the table, and the conference group will inform the teacher in advance of the table number in the WeChat group. The farmersare allowed to find the teacher who they want to communicate with.

(3) Sub-forum of “Nanong BeMMO System Industry, University, Research and Marketing Community”: After dinner on April 20th, farmers and sales companies will discuss the cooperative production and sales system structure of high-quality and high-priced organic products, as well as specific cooperation matters. Farmers are allowed tosign contracts with technical service companies and quality agricultural product sellers in this session.

(4) Display of high-quality agricultural products: The organizer encourages organic farms to carry or post organic agricultural products in advance and share them with the participants. A display stand is placed outside the conference room to display various organic produce for free. The conference team will assign person to manage.

(5) Free Discussion Session: If a delegate is willing to open his or her room as a free discussion session during the conference, you can inform the conference organization group in advance or call anyone in the conference WeChat group. It is available every night from April 18th to 21st.

8. Cost

The conference will cost ¥2,400 yuan / person (including catering, materials, venues, tea breaks, training fees, etc., on the afternoon of the 21st, 100 more yuan is required for the farm visiting), a discount of ¥100 yuan / person is provide for remittance receivedbefore April 1. Accommodation is self-care.

In order to speed up the promotion of low-cost and high-yield organic planting techniques on the farm, the organizer encourages the team to participate together. If two or more persons are from the same legal entity, they can reduce the conference fee by ¥100 yuan per person on the basis of the original conference fee.

If each unit needs to bind the unit introduction or product introduction together with the training materials of the association, please indicate in the registration form and submit the layout fee: ¥300 yuan / black and white page, ¥500 yuan / color page. The deadline for submission of materials is April 1st.

If you need to place a roll-up display at the venue, you will be charged a display venue fee of 200 yuan/piece. Literacy is at your own risk.

Participants can bring their own paper materials (no more than A4 paper size) on the stand outside the conference room (free of charge). Literacy is at your own risk.

All the above fees should be notified at the time of registration, so that it is convenient to issue a formal invoice. This Council does not charge any fees other than that written in invoices.

Meeting payment method:

Participants can pay in one of three ways when registering.

(1) Public to public bank remittance:

Bank: Nanjing Industrial and Commercial Bank Xiaolingwei Sub-branch (Banknumber: 102301000253)

Payee: Nanjing Agricultural University

Account number: 4301010609001097041

(2) Bank transfer:

Bank of deposit: China Merchants Bank Nanjing Branch Yueya Lake Sub-branch

Payee: Li Zijie

Account number: 6214832507031339

(3) Alipay and WeChat transfer:

Alipay account number: 18271263705 Cheng Xu

WeChat account number: 18271263705 Cheng Xu (added at the end of the text QR code)

Remittance or Alipay transfer please note Name + Organic Training Session, send a photo of the remittance document or Alipay transfer record to Cheng Xu’s WeChat or email:923160964@qq.comYou can also pay the fee at the conference (only in cash). Report in the conference for invoices.

9. Registration and accommodation address

Registration is available for all day on April 18t h, Check-in location: “Hanyuan Hotel” in the South Gate of Nanjing Agricultural University. Accommodation is arranged in advance based on the number of people paying when submitting the return. Hanyuan Hotel Price: 340 yuan / room / day (four-star standard).

Note:The conference group is not responsible for pick-up and drop-off. Participants can take the city bus, subway or drive by themselves.

Bus/Metro route: 1 Nanjing Station Departure: Nanjing Station  Take Metro Line 3 (direction of Mozhoudong Road) to Daxinggong Station  Transfer Metro Line 2 (direction of Jingtian Road) to Xiamafang Station Go straight 50 meters is the north gate of Nanjing Agricultural University (going south from the north gate, you can see the Hanyuan Hotel building near the south gate). The subway fare is 3 yuan and takes about 30-40 minutes. The taxi is about 29 yuan.

Departure from Nanjing South Railway Station: Bus No. 84 (Nanjing South Railway Station - take 22 stations - Tongwei Road south), get off at 140 meters north to reach the No. 3 gate of Nanjing Agricultural University, take about 1 hour; also take the subway, Nanjing South Railway Station Take Metro Line 3 (forest farm direction) to Daxinggong Station, transfer to Metro Line 2 (direction of Jingtian Road) to Xiamafang Station, Exit 3, go straight 50 meters, the north gate of Nanjing Agricultural University (from the north gate to the south) Go, you can see the Hanyuan Hotel building near the south gate). The subway fare is 3 yuan, which takes about 40-50 minutes. The taxi is about 35 yuan.

 Departure from Nanjing Lukou Airport: Lukou AirportTakes the metro line S1 (direction of Nanjing South Railway Station) to Nanjing South Railway Stationthe same to . The subway fare is 7 yuan and takes about 2 hours. The taxi is about 140 yuan.

The self-driving route is: Navigate to “Nanjing Agricultural University South Gate (No. 98, Houbiaoying Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing)”, and the registration place is in the first floor lobby of “Hanyuan Hotel” in the South Gate.

Conference group contact:

Cheng Xu 17331053529, 025-84395312

10.The meeting warmly welcomes sponsoring companies.

1. Sponsoring organic fruits, for the on-site tasting during the break, the conference group will write down the name of the sponsor and the fruit beside the fruit;

2. Sponsor organic vegetables, please send/deliver in advance. The conference team will arrange the hotel to make it for the participants to taste. The conference group will write the sponsor and its vegetable name next to the dish.

All sponsorships will be noted on the agenda of the meeting issued at the time of registration.

Organizer:  Nanjing Agricultural University

Co-organizer:  Huaiyin Normal University

Nanjing Agricultural University Biological Source Pesticide Creation Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Benyuan Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.


March 5, 2019
supplement 1The 6th Organic Farming Farm Training Seminar Participation Receipt in 2019

Name and gender






cellphone number

Whetheran invoice is required(1) Yes; (2) No.

If an invoice is required, the invoice header and tax ID:


Do you need to book a room (tick)(1) Yes; (2) No.

Accommodation options (tick): (1) Single Room, (2) Standard Room

Do you want to share a room (tick): (1) Yes; (2) No.

Whether to participate in PPT exchange: (1) Yes; (2) No.

Whether to submit unit introduction / product introduction: (1) Yes; (2) No.

Participation needs:


You can contact the conference team to request this registration form, fill it out and send an email to Contact: Cheng Xu 17331053529, 025-84395312.Can still apply after April 1st, butno longer receive the introduction materials that need to be bound at the same time as the training materials.