Molecular and cellular methods in crop biology


 Molecular and cellular methods in crop biology

 Title:Molecular and cellular methods in crop biology

 Speaker:Kim Henrik Hebelstrup,associate professor,Aarhus University

 Place:Life Science Building B3012

 Time: 9:00, April 22nd (Monday)

 Dr. Kim Henrik Hebelstrup got his doctorate in plant molecular biology from University of Aarhus in 2008. He has trained in plant molecular biology at CSIRO Plant Industry as a visiting researcher. He has also been a post doctoral fellow in Prof. Robert Hills laboratory at University of Manitoba. At present he is an associate professor in Aarhus University. His research areas include technique for crop molecular biology, improvement of crop stress resistance, starch synthesis in cereals and quality regulation of cereals. He has published more than 60 papers on journals such as Journal of Experimental Botany, with a total citation number of 1526.

Contact: Yingxin Zhong(13770668160)