NAU holds online graduation commencement ceremony for class of 2020 graduates


On the morning of June 16th, Nanjing Agricultural University held an online graduation commencement ceremony for class of 2020 graduates. Chancellor CHEN Ligen attended the ceremony and presented certificate to outstanding graduates. President CHEN Fadi, Chairman of NAU Academic Committee SHEN Qirong, Vice Presidents LIU Yingjun, DONG Weichun, YAN Xianglin, and Assistant President WANG Yuanchao attended the ceremony.7000 graduates celebrated from their homes in a live commencement.

The majority of the class of 2020 graduates cannot attend the graduation ceremony on campus due to the coronavirus pandemic. So the university chose to combine both virtual and on-site commencement ceremony by live streaming the momentous occasion.

President CHEN Fadi delivered the keynote address at the ceremony. I would like to congratulate all graduates of 2020. The university has the best wishes for you. It is our hope that you can shoulder the responsibility of the times and apply what you have learned from the university to practice. You can build all-round competencies even in adversity, live by principles of integrity, honesty, and kindness, and carry on the positive energy and NAU motto in your work and life.”

Dr. SHEN Qirong, Chairman of NAU Academic Committee, Dr. CHEN Xi, NAU alumnus of class 2000, currently serving as associate professor in Yale University and consultant with the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), WANG Shuo and GAO Chuyun, representatives of 2020 graduates all delivered livestreamed speeches at the virtual ceremony.

At the ceremony, all graduates took an oath, We will carry on the spirits of NAU, live by the university Motto, keep pace with the times and strive to serve our people and country.

The virtual commencement ceremony was live broadcast through NAU official website, Xue Xi Qiang Guo APP, Sina Weibo, CCTV APP and Douyin APP. A peak of 40,000 viewers watched the broadcast. To send the universitys best wishes to 2020 graduates, NAU has also developed the Photographing with the President APP, Online Message Relay, and a call for graduation-themed micro films.