Message from the President

Chancellor,Chen Ligen President, Zhou Guanghong

Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) is one of China’s oldest and most prestigious universities of agricultural sciences under the administration of the Ministry of Education. The earliest roots of the university could be traced back to 1902 to the Department of Agriculture of Sanjiang Normal School. It is proud of being the pioneer of modern agricultural education, research and extension and forerunner of four-year bachelor program in higher agricultural education in China.


The mission of NAU is to create a dynamic learning and research environment for its 32130 students and more than 2680 staff members. It is committed to developing and disseminating scientific knowledge and providing the society with quality personnel of teaching, scientific research and extension, who can contribute to the sustainable and productive development in China. It means that the physical, social and cultural environment of the campus should be both stimulating and caring in response to the increasing needs of the students. Therefore, NAU is committed to the innovative improvements in the quality of its educational programs and research activities as well as active participation in local, national and international society. Interdisciplinary research and education is strongly promoted at the university. Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in SRT (Scientific Research Training) program to upgrade their research skills. Graduate education has developed very fast since the establishment of the Graduate School in 2000, which makes NAU one of the 56 universities with graduate schools among more than 1000 universities and colleges in China.


NAU has an excellent track record in international exchange and cooperation. The earliest cooperation since the 1920s with Cornell University of USA in the field of crop production incubated the State Key Laboratory of Plant Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement at the university and the National Center of Soybean Improvement. The university maintains close relationships with more than 100 universities around the world. Through inter-institutional exchange and cooperation, new initiatives are fostered for cooperative research. NAU staff is actively involved in the application of research projects funded by governmental and non-governmental sources, such as the sino-foreign governmental framework programs, Asian Link, Asian Facility, Framework Program of the EU and McKnight Foundation in the USA.


After more than 100 years of development, a sound disciplinary structure has been formed at NAU. With agriculture as its dominant field, NAU has diverse branches of learning in its 16 colleges, such as sciences, economics, management, engineering, law and the arts. It is firmly committed to a forward-looking, internationally focused program of teaching and research and its students who will be proud to call NAU their Alma Mater.