Learning & Teaching

Nanjing Agricultural University offers 60 bachelor degree programs, 157 master’s programs, 77 PhD programs and 13 post-doctoral research programs. NAU also offers a professional PhD degree in veterinary medicine and professional master’s degrees in veterinary medicine, agricultural extension, engineering, landscape and gardening, public administration (MPA), business administration (MBA), accounting, finance, and international business.   Since 1978, NAU has trained more than 100,000 students. Current enrollment at NAU is 32,000, comprising about 17,000 undergraduates, over 8,800 graduate students, and 6,200 students enrolled in continuing education programs.


NAU has established teaching modules combining general education, professional education and extension education. Students are encouraged to take interdisciplinary elective courses. Liberal arts students, for example, are required to earn 10 credits by taking science courses, while science majors must complete 10 credits in the arts and social sciences. Senior students of exceptional ability are allowed direct enrollment in graduate programs.

NAU implemented the Program for Student Innovation through Research and Training (SRT). Each year NAU supports 400-450 SRT  projects involving more than 2,000 students, making up half the students at each grade level. NAU also encourages students to participate in academic competitions and other activities promoting scientific and technological innovation. Through these programs, NAU is successfully bridging theoretical knowledge and practical application with the ultimate goal of training the innovative and creative talents in demand today.

NAU received a rating of Excellent in the last two rounds of the nationwide Undergraduate Teaching Quality Evaluation, organized by the Ministry of Education every five years.


The NAU Graduate School was established in 2000 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, one of 56 universities with graduate schools out of more than 2,000 universities and colleges in China . Since 1978, NAU has enrolled and trained more than 25,000 graduate students, including 4,800 PhD students. The number of graduate students currently stands at 8,800, including more than 2,100 PhD students.

With the support of the China Scholarship Council, the NAU Graduate School has developed joint training programs with leading universities in the USA , Europe, Japan and Australia . From 2000-2012, 11 PhD theses from NAU were honored with the National Excellent PhD Thesis Award.


NAU has the following 14 national key disciplines, nine of which rank top five in China according to the latest overall evaluation on national key disciplines in 2009 carried out by the Development Center of Degree and Graduate Education of the Ministry of Education.


Agricultural Economics & Management

Agricultural Entomology & Pest Control

Clinical Veterinary Medicine

Crop Cultivation & Farming

Crop Genetics & Breeding

Food Science

Land Resources & Management

Pesticide Science

Plant Nutrition

Plant Pathology

Preventive Veterinary Medicine

Soil Science

Theoretical Veterinary Medicine

Vegetable Science