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Name Zhang Weiqiang
Department Mechanical Engineering
College Engineering
Tel +86-25-58606747
Fax +86-25-58606699
E-mail address njzwq2001@tom.com
Education & Working Experience

Bachelor of Engineering 1982(Jiangsu University)


Master of Engineering1993(Nanjing Agricultural University)
Main research area Mechanical Design & theory; Terramechanics
Main research projects 1.Tolerance design of manufacturing precision
2.Fractal application in Mechanical Engineering
3.Fractal dimension of soil properties
Main publications 1.  Fractal dimension of paddy soil strength for Jiangsu province  in 1995, Vol.26 (TCSAM)
2.  Study on relative fractal dimension of soil cone indices in 1996, Vol.27 (TCSAM)
3.  Analysis of Shape-relative surface roughness parmeter in 1999, Vol.15 (TCSAE)
4.  A relationship of fuzzy logic between fractal dimension of piston pin surface and traditional parameters in  2000, Vol.31 (TCSAM)
5.  Data acquisition system of petrol engine based on c++ builder in  2003, Vol.34 (TCSAM)
Award(s) obtained Excellent teacher of NAU. 1995
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