GCHERA World Agriculture Prize Open Fund Established at NAU
October 08,2016

The Inaugural Meeting of GCHERA World Agriculture Prize Open Fund was held in NAU, on the morning of September 20, 2016. Dr. Genhuo Shao, chairman of DBN Group, advocated to set up this fund and initiated the donation. All participants from the GCHERA 2016 World Agriculture Prize Award Ceremony witnessed the event.

As the representative of the NAU Education Development Fund and the DBN Public Welfare Fund, Jianjun Dai, NAU Vice President and Weiping Song, Executive Vice President of DBN Group signed the agreement.

“It is a great pleasure to have DBN Group aboard in developing World Agriculture Prize, and we are aimed at establishing an agricultural sci-tech enterprise with world influence.”, said Weiping Song, who addressed the signing ceremony. “China, along with other countries, has been faced with the same problems in agriculture since 21th century. We should work together to improve our land, to use our resources more efficiently, to improve our labor productivity and input-output rate, to join our efforts and build a world with safe grain, safe food and safe ecological environment.” “The launch of World Agriculture Prize will stimulate global innovation in agricultural science and technology and set a good example for that in China.”, he emphasized. “As the initiator of World Agriculture Prize Open Fund, DBN Public Welfare Fund is going to call for an extensive engagement at home and abroad, hoping for a scientific, reasonable, stable and standard mechanism in fund management and operation, and a higher recognition in world agriculture and life sciences which endows the prize, as an award in agricultural science and technology, with more profound significance.”

“DBN Public Welfare Fund delivered their first contribution of 10 million yuan to World Agriculture Prize Open Fund, by which more intellectuals can be motivated to participate in activities of World Agriculture Prize and be a part of the successful development of Chinese agricultural industry.” said Weiping Song. He also hoped that World Agriculture Prize Open Fund can be guaranteed with a more completed development involving more enterprises and social organizations and become the highest prize in world agriculture.

World Agriculture Prize Open Fund is meant to reward scholars who have made great contributions in education, research, achievement transformation and other aspects of world agriculture and life sciences, encouraging and leading more scientists to promote the communication and cooperation between world agriculture and life sciences, advance innovation and development thereinto.