NAU Ranks 53th in Agriculture Field by NTU Ranking
November 02,2016

The 2016 National Taiwan University Ranking (NTU Ranking), in which NAU was ranked the 53th in Agriculture Field, 25 places higher than 2015, was officially announced a few days ago.

18 universities from mainland China have their name presented in top 300 in this ranking. For Agriculture Field, China Agricultural University (26), Zhejiang University (33), Nanjing Agricultural University (53), Peking University (69), Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University (90) and Tsinghua University (96) are included in top 100.

There are three subject areas in the Agriculture Field: Agricultural Sciences, Plant & Animal Sciences and Environment/Ecology. NAU ranks 18th in Agricultural Sciences, 27th in Plant & Animal Sciences and 253rd in Environment/Ecology this year, respectively moving 8 places, 24 places and 253 places ahead compared to 2015. What’s worth highlighting is its entrance to top 300 in Environment/Ecology.

Hosted and released by National Taiwan University, NTU Ranking, known as one of world academic authorities for universities, gets its reference from the performance in scientific papers published on international journals. Altogether 3 criteria (research productivity, research impact, research excellence) and 8 indicators focusing on publication and citation are considered in evaluation.