NAU 7th International Culture Festival Kicks Off
November 03,2014

With autumn breeze blowing, one of the highlights of the golden season on campus – NAU 7th International Culture Festival was announced the opening on Oct. 20th, 2014.  The opening Ceremony was hosted by Professor Zhang Hongsheng, Dean of International Education College. Prof. Xu Xiang, Vice President of NAU addressed the ceremony.

Xu Xiang indicated that the idea of International Culture Festival originated from our mission to build a world-class agricultural university has set a stage for foreign experts and international students to display the unique cultures of their respective countries. She hoped that such event may remove the cultural and language barriers among all NAU students.  She also pointed out that choosing the date of NAU’s anniversary to announce the opening of the festival is quite meaningful.  Looking back to NAU history, the development of the university has benefited a lot from international exchange and cooperation, ever since the linkage established between Cornell University and the University of Nanking in 1910’s.  Looking into the future, NAU will continuously improve internationalization, thus to animate new vitality and vigor.

INNOCENT ODIRA NYALALA from Kenya, President of the Overseas Student Union also spoke on behalf of all international students.  He expressed appreciation to this event’s organizers and sincerely wished this International Culture Festival a great success.

Accompanied by music, representative students of nearly 30 countries stepped onto stage one after another at the end of ceremony.  After opening ceremony, more than 20 booths in total were open to visits.  These booths displayed different cultures through various ways including literary description, pictures, traditional clothes, music, folk arts, tasty food, special handicrafts, etc, and attracted lots of passers-by.  More than foreign culture, Chinese cultures also gained popularity with participants within the exhibition, which was displayed by invited local folk artists, showing Fabric Art, Paper Cut Arts, etc.

The 7th International Culture Festival is sponsored by the College of International Education, Office of International Relations and Office of Student Affairs, and organized by the College of Finance.  It will last around two months.  Apart from the Multinational Culture Exhibition, there will be various recreational and sports activities coming in following time.  As usual, such big event on campus also attracted great attention from mainstream media in the province.