NAU Hits High in Best Agri.-Universities Ranking
November 21,2014

U.S. News & World Report (U.S. Newsreleased “Best Global Universities Ranking” in October on its website ( As a part of this ranking, “The Best Global Universities for Agriculture Science” has found NAU at 36th in its ranking. According to U.S. News, this ranking was based on several factors, including the university fame, research reputation, papers published, citation impact, percentage of highly cited papers, and international collaboration, etc.

According to other sources, National Taiwan University also released another “Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities, 2014”, and NAU was listed at 94th in agricultural field. In this ranking, 12 Chinese mainland universities have been included among the top 300 in agriculture. They are: Zhejiang University(36th), China Agricultural University(44th), Peking University(94th), Nanjing Agricultural University(94th), Tsinghua University(113th), Huazhong Agricultural University(129th), Beijing Normal University(186th), Nanjing University(186th), Sun Yat-sen University(190th), South China University of Technology(239th), Harbin Institute of Technology(244th), Ocean University of China(293rd ).