The International Small Animal Practice Symposium, A Stride on UCDAVIS-NAU Cooperation
January 30,2015

From Oct.27thto 30th, University of California, Davis (UC Davis for short) together with NAU organized the second continuing education courses on animal science. Three senior clinical veterinarians, Dr. Karl Jandrey, Dr. Angela Borchers and Dr. Michael Kentx, came from UC Davis to teach at NAU.  46 veterinary clinicians, some faculty members and postgraduates with relevant academic background registered in the courses.

Focusing on “the emergency and intensive care”, this short-course program consists of theoretical lectures and case study.  UC Davis experts fully presented their solid theoretical knowledge and rich clinical experience, and gave priority to the timely combination of theory and practice while giving lectures.  By doing so, their instruction sounds easy to understand and readily to be applied into practice, thus, are widely welcomed by all the trainees.

This training program provides NAU with a great platform so as to have in-depth exchanges with world-class veterinary college, which will improve clinical veterinary teaching, ability construction of teaching faculty and the management of animal hospital at NAU.

NAU signed the MOU with UC Davis early in Oct. 2012 and established the official partnership.  In 2014, “One- -Health Research Center” was co-established by both parties, launching substantive cooperation projects, such as the joint student training, faculty training, seminars organization, etc.  Such advanced veterinary course, as one among the projects, was firstly organized at NAU January 2014.