NAU Ranks 39th among Chinese Universities
January 25,2014

Recently, the Chinese University Evaluation research group, led by Dr. Wu Shulian from the China Academy of Management Science , issued Chinese top 100 universities overall strength ranking, 2014. NAU ranks 39th nationwide this year, an increase of one place over 2013. Meanwhile, the research group also selected and evaluated 37 research-oriented universities among the all, including 12 mode-one and 25 mode-two research-oriented universities. NAU is proud to be one of the mode-two ones with its comprehensive research strength.

The selection criteria for the research-oriented universities remain the same: descending sorting the scientific research scores of all the universities, and add the scores from large numbers to small numbers, until the added score reaches up to 5% of the sum of all evaluated universities’ research scores, then the added universities are regarded as research-oriented universities.