Commencement held at NAU stadium
June 28,2014

Two commencement ceremonies respectively for undergraduate students and graduate students were held in the newly completed NAU stadium on June 20th and June 26th, 2014. The ceremony began with the National Anthem of P. R. China and the procession of faculty and the entrance of the graduates to the cheers and applause of the packed stadium.

In the address, University President Zhou Guanghong expressed his pride in each graduate on their successful completion of their degrees and also the wonderful grown-ups they have turned into after four-year’s college. He highlighted NAU’s mission of developing into one the best agricultural universities in the world in the next decade. He also urged the graduates to live up to NAU motto – “integrity, simplicity, diligence and benevolence”. “You cannot decide the time of the sunrise in the next morning, but you can decide when to get up and march towards your dreams”, said President Zhou.

It was the first commencement held in NAU history for all the graduates from 19 colleges. Each student received their degree from President Zhou and every handshake was captured by a live camera. It was a memorable ending to a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will live on in the history of our graduates, their families and friends, and Nanjing Agricultural University.