President Zhou led a delegation to US partner universities
June 28,2014

From May 2 to 6, 2014, a delegation led by President Zhou Guanghong visited NAU partner universities in the US, including the University of California, Davis (hereinafter UCDavis) and the University of Connecticut (hereinafter UConn).

The delegation met with Prof. William Lacy, Vice Chancellor of UCDavis. Both parties signed the Collaborative Agreement on the Establishment of the One Health Center at NAU. It was mutually agreed that the One Health Center was significant to improving the teaching, collaborative research and extension in the areas related to improving the health of the environment, animal and human being as a whole. The delegation also met with the deans of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the School of Veterinary Medicine, UCDavis and explored the potential areas for collaboration.

During the visit to Uconn, President Zhou and the Executive Vice President Mun Y. Choi signed the Memorandum of Understanding between NAU and Uconn, which marks the beginning of a formal partnership.

President Zhou also extended formal invitation to the leadership of UCDavis and Uconn to attend the second World Agricultural Prize to be held in Sept. 20, 2014 at NAU.