Confucius Institute At Egerton University First Official Course Enrollment Exceeds 118 students
June 27,2013

The first official Chinese course enrollment had come to a success on June 17th. Total registered number reached 118 students, from various departments including department of linguistics and literature, economics, medical and other Chinese language learners. The duration of the course is scheduled for two months, divided into 3 classes, curriculum includes conversation, reading, writing, Chinese culture

introduction and HSK preparation.

During the process of enrollment, enrollment stands were set at various locations includingStudentCenter, Graduation square, Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature and also in downtown Nakuru, open to students and other curious citizens for inquiries and registrations. The enrollment this time has not only completed the objective in numbers of registered students, but also promoted the influences of Confucius Institute atEgertonUniversityinside the campus and surrounding areas.

“Confucius Institute has opened a new window for me to understand more aboutChina, created a wider view of world.” newly enrolled student Jadid Kirongo spoke with excitement, “ I’ll work hard on learning Chinese, become an friendship ambassador betweenChinaandKenya!”

In 1998, As the predecessor of Confucius Institute, the Chinese class atEgertonUniversitywas set by the joint “ China-Kenya Advanced Education” program ( 1995-2002), which is the first Chinese Language program established in Africa by ministry of education of people’s republic ofChina. Minister of education Zhou Ji, Yuan Guiren both have paid visit to the Chinese Language program atEgertonUniversity, which has built a solid foundation for future expansion and development of Confucius Institute.