Officials from Developing Countries Study Agriculture Management at NAU
May 11,2012

The opening ceremony of seminar on agricultural management for developing countries, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, China and organized by Nanjing Agricultural University, is held at NAU on May 9, 2012. Zou Chuanming, deputy director of Academy for International Business Officials, the Ministry of Commerce, Zhao Yuhong, deputy director of Division of International Cooperation, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce and Xu Xiang, Vice president of Nanjing Agricultural University attend the ceremony which is chaired by COIE Dean Zhang Hongsheng.

During the ceremony, Zou Chuanming, on behalf of Chinese Ministry of Commerce, extends his congratulations on the successful opening and welcome to each participant. He says that during the over 60 years history of aid for other developing countries, China has been adhering to the principle of equality and mutual benefit without attaching any political term, and dedicated to economic and social development and improvement of people’s livelihood for recipient countries. China has also given added weight to the effectiveness of its aid and thus received positive comments from other developing countries. In recent years, Chinese government has strengthened the co-operations with other developing countries in the area of human resources development, and the forms of collaboration have been diversified according to the real needs of recipient countries, ranging from technical training to degree education, official seminars, visits and exchange activities. China is a big agricultural country and has accumulated rich experience in agricultural production and technology over the long time development history in agronomy. Meanwhile, China has bred a variety of new quality crops, and established some advanced concepts in field of agricultural management. He hopes that every participant will make the best of this opportunity to have full communication with each other and learn from each other, and everyone can make full use of this seminar as a platform to bridge his home country and China for our future co-operation, in order to achieve common prosperity on the basis of equality, mutual benefits and sharing achievements.

Then Xu Xiang speaks on behalf of Nanjing Agricultural University, and she says that Nanjing Agricultural University is a state key university under the Ministry of Education. With agriculture and life science as its characteristics, the University has diverse branches of learning such as agriculture, science, economics, management, engineering, law and the arts. This year, the University ranks the 38th by comprehensive strength among the more than 2,000 universities in China, and the 36th among all the research-oriented universities. The University maintains close links with over 60 foreign partners, and had set up joint research centers such as the Sino-US Joint Research Centre for Food Safety and Quality, and the Sino-Dutch Centre for Land Planning and Cadastral Development. Since 2004, actively involved in the human resources development for developing countries, we have organized 32 courses with 748 participants from all over the world.

Finally Mr. A. Salahabdelghanym from Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt speaks on behalf of all participants. He expresses their gratitude to Chinese government and Nanjing Agricultural University, and hopes to promote agriculture in the developing countries after this study.

Twenty participants are from the following countries: Kirghizstan, Lebanon, Nepal, Palestine, Egypt, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ukraine and Venezuela. In the following three weeks, they will attend lectures, go to field trips and visit Chinese families, etc.