The Collaborative Innovation Center for Food Safety and Nutrition Organized Management Committee Meeting
June 17,2013

On June 9, The Collaborative Innovation Center for Food Safety and Nutrition organized its management committee meeting in Nanjing. The center is jointly set up by Jiangnan University, Nanjing Agricultural University and Northeast Agricultural University. Participants of the meeting include Chen Jian, director of the committee, Zhou Guanghong, deputy director of the committee, and four other members of the committee.

During the meeting, committee members reviewed the report on the formation and establishment of the center, and, based on the Introduction to the Development Plan of 2011 Collaborative Innovation Centres made by the Ministry of Education, systematically analyzed the problems occurred during the construction of the center. Three documents were discussed and approved, namely the Performance Evaluation Methods for the Innovation Team of the Center, The Rules for Graduate Training of the Center and The Management Measures for the Fund of the Center.

The meeting also discussed the detailed working plan of the next phase and scheduled the time for the first academic committee meeting.