International Reference Laboratory for Swine Streptococcus Disease Diagnosis finds its home at NAU
June 17,2013

On May 29, the World Organization for Animal Health’s (OIE) 81th annual international conference passed a resolution to formally approve the establishment of Nanjing Agricultural University International Reference Laboratory for Swine Streptococcus Disease Diagnosis.

OIE reference laboratory is mainly engaged in the technical research and standardization of OIE’s identified animal diseases, responsible for the research and development of the diseases’ biological products, diagnostic reagents as well as methods for their prevention and control, analyzing and releasing worldwide epidemiological information for certain animal diseases. Representing OIE, it also organizes academic conferences, conducts cooperative studies and provides technical assistance for diseases’ prevention and control to member states. China currently hosts eleven international reference laboratories in veterinary medicine, among which the laboratory for swine streptococcus disease is the sole one affiliated to college or university.

The formal approval of the laboratory marks that NAU has reached an internationally advanced level in the field of laboratorial diagnoses and scientific research on swine streptococcus disease, thus able to provide a monitoring platform and technical support for swine streptococcus disease control both at home and abroad. Its research team will play a technical model role for the prevention and control of swine streptococcus disease by dedicating themselves to the research into the mechanism and transmission of the disease, establishing a variety of detection technologies and diagnostic criteria, and developing the vaccine against it.