Foundation of the Center for Agricultural Ethics of Nanjing Agricultural University


On Nov. 7th, the founding ceremony of the Center for Agricultural Ethics of Nanjing Agricultural University was held in Nanjing. Scholars from Nanjing Agricultural University, Southeast University, Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast  Agricultural University of China and Michigan State University of U.S attended the ceremony. 

Vice president of NAU, professor Ding Yanfeng made a speech in the ceremony. He said that the founding of the center is to organize a team of the leading experts on agricultural ethics from home and abroad and provide a platform to help solve the challenging and frontier problems of agriculture, farmers and countryside we are facing today. Professor Jiang Ping was appointed as the director of the center and two prominent research fellows, professor Wang siming as the honorary director and professor Paul B. Thompson the chair of the academic board of the center. 

The center for Agricultural Ethics of NAU is the first academic institute particularly on the research of agricultural ethics in China. The center will mainly work on the theoretical study of agricultural ethics, the general education of agricultural ethics for students from different disciplines and the academic exchanges of scholars in the area from China and abroad. 

(correspondent:Guo Hui, adjunct professor of the Center for Agricultural Ethics of NAU, associate professor of Nanjing Forestry University