The demonstration of NAU autonomous wheat harvesting technology supported by BeiDou Navigation Satellite System held in Linhai, Jiangsu Province


On June 4th, the demonstration of NAU smart wheat farming technology was held in Linhai, Jiangsu Province. This project is one of the ten 2019 leading agricultural technologies funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) and led by the National Engineering and Technology Center for Information Agriculture of NAU. Prof. CAO Weixing, Chairman of the Central Committee of China Democratic League, Mr. ZHANG Ye, Deputy Director General, Department of Science, Technology and Education of MARA, Mr. CAI Heng, Deputy Director General, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Prof. DING Yanfeng, Vice President of NAU, Mr. ZHANG Zhenhua, Director of the General Office of Department of Science, Technology and Education of MARA, Mr. CUI Jianghao, Director of the Extension Office of Department of Science, Technology and Education of MARA, and Mr. XIONG Hongli, Director of Sci. & Tech. Standard System Office of the National Agricultural Technology Center attended the activity. 

Prof. TIAN Yongchao, team member of the project introduced in detail the smart wheat farming technology supported by BNS. Experts on site watched the performance of the self-driving wheat harvester supported by BNS. The self-driving harvester can provide real-time detection on the wheat grain yield, protein content and water content. Experts also took a look at the related hardware and software products of the technology.

After the demonstration, experts also attended the seminar on autonomous wheat harvesting technology.

The smart wheat farming technology supported by BNS consists of autonomous wheat sowing and harvesting technology, precise fertilization and spraying technology on wheat farming by drones and smart irrigation technology on wheat supported by the Internet of Things. This project is NAUs first to be selected into the ten leading agricultural technologies by MARA. Partners include Nanjing Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of MARA, Jiangsu Nongken Group, Guangzhou Jifei Sci. & Tech. Corporation Ltd., Fengjiang Smart Sci. & Tech. Corporation Ltd. and etc. Two high-standard smart wheat farming demonstration bases have been set up in Jiangsu and Hebei Provinces to provide cutting-edge technology support for quality and green agriculture. Various demonstration activities were organized and the comprehensive smart wheat farming technology protocol was formed.