Getting your paper published: What you need to know as an Author


Title:Getting your paper published: What you need to know as an Author

 Speaker :Marianna Taffi

Time :Oct 10, 2019 (Thursday)  9:00 a.m. 

Location:Life Science Building  E2004


This session will provide an opportunity to hear tips and practical advice on how to prepare, structure and submit your manuscript for successful publication. The session will allow you to understand how Journal Editors will look at your paper, which as an author, is a key piece of information. You will hear more about key author responsibilities and publishing ethics essentials. 

 Over the last years, China became the top contributor for submitted and published articles in Soils Sciences, and a considerable fraction of highly cited research is published in Elsevier’s journals. Given the incredible growth of Chinese research in this field, we are looking to expand our network of expert reviewers appoint as journal editors more excellent Chinese researchers with peer review and editorial experience.

We invite any interested researcher to apply by sending your CV, short bio and journal of interest to

Brief introduction of the speaker

Marianna Taffiis Publisher for Environmental Sciences at Elsevier, London, United Kingdom. She graduated in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies at Polytechnic University of Ancona, Italy and received her PhD in Environmental Science and Public Health at University of Camerino, Italy. She worked as Journal Manager at the American Institute of Physics Publishing in New York, USA before joining Elsevier in 2018. She is responsible for a portfolio of 14 journals encompassing all aspects of Soil Science including Agriculture, Ecosystems, Water Management, Meteorology, Soil Biology and Biochemistry and Geoecology. 

ContactWenjing Qiao(13151063639)