Chancellor: Chen Ligen

Dr. Chen Ligen, born in November 1961 in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, is a Professor and PhD Supervisor in College of Public Administration, Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU). He was appointed by the Ministry of Education, China as Chancellor of NAU in April 2018. Meanwhile, he serves as Vice Chairman of China Global Talent Society, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Land Science Society and advisor to Nanjing Municipal Government. 

Prof. Chen graduated with a Bachelor degree in horticulture from NAU’s Department of Horticulture in 1986 and obtained PhD degree in land resource management from College of Public Administration in 2000. In 1999, he worked as a visiting scholar in agricultural land protection law and environmental resource law in Wageningen University, the Netherlands. He has been involved in teaching and research in land administration and law, land systems and policies, and rural development. Prof. Chen has chaired more than 20 national and provincial/ministerial research projects and published more than 200 academic papers and 8 monographs and teaching textbooks. He has received 6 science and technology awards at provincial/ministerial level and above.


President: Chen Fadi

Professor CHEN Fadiwas born in June 1970 in Sha County, Fujian province. He is currently the President of Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) .

Working Experience :

December 2016-March 2019: Vice President of NAU;

September 2015: Assistant to the President of NAU;

January 2014: Dean of College of Horticulture;

2002-2003: Deputy County Chief in charge of science and technology in Jinhu County;

November 2009: AssociateDean of College of Horticulture.

Education Background :

2005-2006: visiting scholar at Chiba University, Japan;

1999: Received Doctoral degree in Crop Genetics and Breeding at NAU;

1991&1994: Received Bachelor’s degree and Master's degree in Ornamental Horticulturesuccessively at NAU.

Awards and Research :

Engage in the research of chrysanthemum genetics and breeding; Presided over more than thirty projects, published more than 400 papers (including more than 170 articles in SCI) and edited three national programming textbooks; Awarded onesecond-prize ofNational Technical Invention, two first-prizes at the provincial levelsand four provincial and ministerial second-prizes;Awarded one second-prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress; Receivedmore than 15 national and provincial titles, including the Yangtze River Scholar Professor, National Distinguished Young Scholar.

Vice Chancellor (Deputy Party Secretary): Mr. Sheng Bangyue

Vice Chancellor (Deputy Party Secretary): Mr. Wang Chunchun

Vice Chancellor (Deputy Party Secretary): Mr. Liu Yingjun

Vice President: Mr. Hu Feng

Vice President: Mr. Ding Yanfeng

Vice President: Mr. Dong Weichun

Vice President: Mr. Yan Xianglin