Two students' works are selected for Jiangsu INTL students story and short video Exhibition


Recently, two international students' works, "Biodiversity amid urban development in Nanjing" and "Nanjing Agricultural University", are selected for "Seeking dreams in Jiangsu, Giving a thumb-up to Jiangsu" INTL students story and short video Exhibition. As a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC,the Exhibition is currently being held on the website of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education,showing coloful experience of international students studying in Jiangsu Province.

SHORT VIDEO:Biodiversity amid urban development in Nanjing 



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Despite revolutionary developments, China has managed to preserve 'Bio-diversity' in both rural and urban environments.This is a common opinion among all the Expats in China.

When I first entered Nanjing, I wan not expecting such an ecofriendly metropolitan at all. Undoubtedly, the efforts of Environmental Protection Ministry and the Jiangsu Government are appreciateable. After spending a year in Nanjing, I feel that residential parks, lakeside parks and roadside vegetation still fascinate me. 

One such colorful road side vegetation, its awesome fragrance and a beautiful butterfly compelled me to stop and film. It's a busy square at Yudao Street. As butterflies are habitat sensitive, therefore, they are good indicators for healthy environment. 

In Jiangsu, Rural Revitalization was focused simultaneously with Urban Horticulture, Aquaculture and Forestry. I wish, Nanjing will be home for fireflies as well!

STORY:Nanjing Agricultural University 



My name is Samuel. Am a Kenyan citizen. Since I came to China in 7th September, 2019 for a short-term exchange between Egerton University (Kenya) and Nanjing Agricultural University (China) to specialize in my PhD in Agricultural Economics, I have had a calm and beautiful experience in Jiangsu.  Though I have lived in Jiangsu for only one month, I count numerous inspiring experiences that I can share. This has been a great opportunity for me to learn a totally new culture and share multiple opinion with others. 

I first landed in China (Nanjing International Airport) at 10:00pm and was almost confused on what I was to do next. All I knew was that I needed to go to Nanjing Agricultural University which I had no idea where it was located. With the assistance of a Chinese taxi driver at the airport, I was able to come to the campus where I arrived a few minutes after mid-night. There were very few activities in the campus at such a late hour of the night but among the few students who were within the campus was a caring Chinese student (whom up to now I have never met him again). The student who could speak both Chinese and English language helped me locate the student dorms for international students and ensured that I got accommodated (since I had carried all the necessary documentation). The next day, early in the morning, I was received by an International Student Volunteer (attached to the College of International Education) who have been studying at the campus for more than 3 years. This volunteer helped me in buying a SIM card and introduced me to the International Students’ office. My life became even smoother when I knocked in the College of International Education at Nanjing Agricultural University where every aspect of registration related to my studentship was handled.

My studying experience in Nanjing Agricultural University have always been good. All my classes are taught in English. Am doing well in learning Chinese language and hope that my future interaction with academic life at Nanjing Agricultural University would even be much better. My main professor (Sun Dingqiang) is very friendly to me and gives me his maximum attention and professional guidance when we schedule to meet with him. My other professors, who are equally good and full of words of encouragement, are always ready to help every student and to give useful guidance whenever they are required. Our professors are very passionate about how we (the international students) can put more efforts in our studies and design good solutions for problems faced by our countries back at home.

Picture: Beautiful sceneries at Nanjing Agricultural University   Photo taken by: Jackson Nkesiga (2019)

Chinese students are very friendly to international students. In all my experiences, I can affirm that they are willing to assist us, as long as they understand what we want. So far, where am not able to speak in the local language, I use Baidu translator mobile application. 

Nanjing Agricultural University is the most equipped institution of higher learning that I have ever seen. I am always fascinated by how modern its facilities in the libraries, research labs and study rooms. Others such as cafeterias, games fields, and recreation facilities available are equally excellent. 

Living in Jiangsu has enhanced my hobbies. I take part in lots of activities after class. Such include athletics, singing and travelling within the city.


Picture: Some of my photos taken during  a walk within Nanjing city   Photo taken by: Jackson Nkesiga (2019)   

I have also experienced good experiences in my interaction with people other than faculties and students in Nanjing Agricultural University. The people of Jiangsu are peaceful, friendly and fair in their dealings. Different from other countries where foreigners are exploited due to their naivety, this is not the case in Jiangsu. I must also appraise the people of Jiangsu for their accommodative nature to foreigner’s religion. Myself am a Christian and can attest that I have enjoyed freedom of worship and have had access to churches, just like I had in Kenya.

Despite a few challenges due to language, I can attest that my life here has very smooth and I am learning a lot and enjoying my classes.Life here is comfortable and full of positive growth. I have learnt many things here.  I also have experienced many things that I could not have experienced if I were to stay in Kenya. I feel confident that there is a lot that I will have to take back to my country. This will become a memorable experience in my life.  I appreciate this experience a lot. Thank you very much.